Our Wow Cloud – Nursery

LOOK WHO’S ON OUR WOW CLOUD THIS WEEK! Jacob – Worked out how to make the 2D shapes square, triangle and rectangle with the sticks given to hi

Bedtime Story – Friday 19th January

Hello and welcome back to our weekly Bedtime Story? This week’s story is brought to you by Miss Zauscinski, who has read ‘Owl Babies’

The Wonders of the World

Today we started learning about the seven wonders of the world in Geography. We had a chat about what makes something wonderful and then we shared our

The Ugly Five

This week we have been exploring ‘The Ugly Five’, by Julia Donaldson. We spotted some strange looking creatures on CCTV… We have bee

Happy New Year – Our Resolutions!

Welcome back, we hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and are ready for the next term! We have been thinking carefully about our goals for thi

Rainforest Researchers!

To get up to speed with our Rainforest topic, we completed some research on the famous Amazon. We looked at the flora and fauna of the river and the f

Welcome Back

Welcome back, We hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and that the children are excited about the new term. This term we begin by looking at the

Football – RS v PS

Our Year 5 and 6 boys played Poplar Street in a local derby in the first round of the Kiley cup at Audenshaw high school. In what was a very exciting

Descriptive Writing

We used our descriptive writing skills to describe a battle that took place during World War 2. We then used Pages on our iPads to edit and present ou

Russell Scott Subtraction Policy 2017

It is very important that both at home and at school we give the children the same messages. Here is the subtraction policy that all our staff are fo


Stay safe by keeping your personal or account info private. Also keep your school logo or bank details private meet: Meeting people you only know onli

UK BLOG Awards 2017

 Russell Scott Primary School was the only UK primary school to be nominated to the blogging equivalent of the Oscars! Held at the Westminster Park P

Celebrating Space – National Science Week 2016

Wow! It has been such an exciting week for Science at Russell Scott. The theme of our Science week was ‘Space Exploration’ and I would lik

Esafety Work in Year 2

In year 2, Mr Harkins has been showing us how to be esafe when using the Internet at home and at school. We used an app called Yakit Kids to make our


  • Year 5 Trip to Chester Zoo

    Year 5 will be visiting Chester Zoo on Wednesday 17th  January. Both classes will need to be […]

  • Parent Forum

    Topic for discussion:  Healthy Lifestyle Please join us for coffee and biscuits on Thursday […]


As part of pupil induction, parents are asked to sign a Home School Agreement consent form for images and videos of their children to be used for school purposes. Some images celebrating the work of pupils involved in everyday and special event activities may be selected to be shown on the school website. Read MoreCEOP Report NowAdvice, help and report centre should you need it. The Click CEOP button is on every Russell Scott School blog page and you should click on it if you feel unsafe or suspicious of anybody when you are online. Click to learn more about keeping safe online.

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